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kundalini lifeforce activation  

In 2018, I fell in love with the world of energy when I discovered Reiki. Since then, I have become a true energy enthusiast and experienced firsthand how much healing there is in not only involving the physical world in your life but also the world of energy. It helped me come home to myself, rediscover the power of my body, and feel the presence of infinite life force energy again. And that is exactly what kalini activation or innerdance can do for you. My heart is overflowing, so I cannot help but share it with you from that place of purity, whether in group sessions or online.


what is it?

Kundalini Activation is the awakening of your vital life energy. It opens your awareness. It is an inner dance where your body, mind, and soul are one. 


Kundalini Activation generates energy and connects you with your essence. It is the ability to awaken your potential and activate your body's self-healing ability. You will notice more internal balance. It brings serenity, inner freedom, clarity, and presence. It helps you to leave behind your blockages, fears, and everything that ultimately holds you back. And to grow into who you truly are deep inside. Kundalini Activation is the way home.


Pi Villaraza discovered the gift of inner dance many years ago and has been sharing it with the world ever since. After a spiritual journey of seven years, Villaraza 'accidentally' came across a powerful life-changing healing vibration while living alone for two years on a deserted beach island in Palawan, Philippines. He calls it inner dance and has since taught many people how to heal themselves and others by receiving this healing energy.


it's a celebration and an expanding of life.
a dance with your soul and your consciousness.



  • "It gives you strength and brings you back to your body.

  • It helps you take control of your life (back).

  • It gives you clarity to see which direction you want to take to develop more harmony in your daily life.

  • It helps you release stress and tensions.

  • It guides you in releasing emotions and healing traumas.

  • It makes you more sensitive to your body, mental and energetic awareness.

  • It connects you with your life energy and your unique life flow.

  • It helps you let go of old paradigms that are already outdated.

  • It supports and guides you in your spiritual and personal development."

online + real life groupssessionss

Would you rather attend a session from the safety of your home cocoon? Great! I regularly host online activities. Interested in joining a group session in La Herradura (ES) or on Belgian soil? Sign up for my WhatsApp broadcast and I'll keep you updated on the calendar.

Image by Chris Montgomery

dates online sessions

Experience Kundalini Activation from the comfort of your own home.


What do you need to participate?


- A mat (even just a carpet will do) to lie on

- An eye mask or something to cover your eyes

- A Spotify premium account to download the music (which will be sent to you) - A speaker (it's best to play the music loud enough at home so that you can really feel it. If that's not an option, earbuds are also okay. A headset hinders)

- An hour for yourself

- Internet connection

- And preferably a laptop with a webcam that can be directed at you while you lie down, so that I can see you well.


Before the session, you will receive an email with the Zoom link and the music list. It's best not to eat right before the session. Afterwards, you will feel either energized or very relaxed.

what do you need?

Can Kundalini Activation cure my body?

Kundalini activation is not a substitute for medical or psychological attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. This process is primarily intended for spiritual growth and deepening of consciousness. However, many people report early physical healings after just one or a few sessions. But this is not guaranteed, and it is not the primary goal of Kundalini Activation.

I don't have any experience with energy work. Can I still join?

Of course! An open mind and no expectations can take you a long way. You don't need any special talent or gene to experience energy. Every living being is capable of it.

If I don't move during the session. Was it a bad session?

Absolutely not. The energy does what it needs to do. Some people lie still throughout the entire session, but experience all sorts of visions. Another session may feel very active or emotional. You get what you need. There is no session that is better or worse than the other.

What is the difference between an online session or a group session?

The online sessions do not differ much from in-person sessions. Some people feel more comfortable relaxing and receiving energy in a group environment, while others feel more comfortable in their own homes. This can affect the intensity one experiences during a session. Some people find that the energy online is slightly milder, while others find it just as powerful. It is up to you to experience the difference. The energy is not hindered by a screen and goes where it wants to go.

Can I join while being pregnant?

You know your body best: do you feel the 'yes'? Then go for it! If you have doubts, it's better not to participate. In short, it's definitely allowed.

How do I prepare?

I recommend not eating or only eating light meals 2-3 hours before the kundalini activation session. Wear comfortable clothing and make sure you feel comfortable with the temperature in the room. You can use a blanket if needed, but avoid wrapping your feet too tightly or blocking them.

What will I experience after the session?

There are various things that can happen after Kundalini Activation, from the first to the last signs of Kundalini awakening. It is an energy transfer that contains a broad spectrum of frequencies that are conducive to higher states of consciousness and spiritual growth, in addition to the traditional signs of Kundalini. This process releases energetic blockages and connects you with your higher self, which is different for each person. You may still feel or very grounded and energized after the session. You may still experience slight harmless shocks in your body throughout the day or night or during sex. This is very normal and nothing to worry about. The energy flow does not stop after the session.

Who cannot join?

Participation in a session is dependent on the condition that you are not in a state that hinders the reception of energy. Such as: Alcohol or narcotic intoxication, the use of psychoactive medication, epilepsy and possibly other clinical conditions, psychiatric disorders such as psychosis, mania or delusions. This does not apply to depressive disorders, and a state of mind that cannot give effective consent for the session.

Do you have other questions? 

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